Welcome Runners!
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Our mission is to promote and encourage healthier lifestyles through running, exercise and good habits. We develop confident, knowledgeable and competitive runners, though some team members run primarily for fun.

Our team goals include training together, running races together, sharing health and fitness tips and making fitness a fun-filled venture.


Have a great run and don't forget our team motto:


                                 "WE AIN'T NEVER SCARED!"  

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Bev and Mike

                 Beverly Stone

On her third try and after several thousand hours of study Beverly was able to successfully pass the National School Nurse Certification test. The test was extremely comprehensive but her study was even more so.

Now Beverly will be able to start training more regularly through she did pretty good during the course of her studies.  Her studying and passing this test with temendous effort, showed what you can do if you put your mind to it.

          We are proud of you Bev!






(In photo: Mike and Beverly Stone)